Episode 23: As First Reported By

September 22, 2016

On this episode of "Rogue Won: A Star Wars Podcast for Winners," Johnny, Mike, and Hawes Dude ‘F’ the hell out of some guy…”  

  • New York Comic Con plans!
  • We Digress because…Who doesn’t like Dave Mathews Band?
  • Michael Giacchino (Juh-KEEEEEEE-No) is composing Rogue One!
  • Composer switch due to Rogue One problems? As Johnny says, “Where there is fire, there is smoke”
  • Johnny puts it out there…”Was Drew Struzan fired before The Force Awakens!?” & Hawes backs Johnny’s theory up with evidence!
  • Rogue One Japanese and South Korean posters are discussed.
  • Johnny goes all ‘Dude, ‘F’ that Guy’ on a YouTube content thief!
  • We are now on Google Play!
  • Rogue Won interactive listener The Dead Pool Rogue One game! Everyone play along and tweet @roguewonpod who you feel will die in Rogue One and in what order!
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