Episode 18: The Rogue One Dead Pool

August 18, 2016

On this episode of "Rogue Won: A Star Wars Podcast for Winners," Johnny, Mike, and Hawes break down the Rogue One International trailer and announce a new listener interactive game!.  

  • The Rogue Won crew discusses the Rogue Winner Kenny Baker was, and what he means to us all.
  • Lando casting! Who is the front runner? Who do you want to see? How does the Falcon play into this???
  • John Williams is all set to score Star Wars Space Bear! (aka Episode VIII)
  • Rian Johnson starts editing ‘The Space Bear’!
  • Rogue Won discusses how Hawes is rarely wrong!
  • The Rogue Won crew breaks down the Rogue One International Trailer with unique insights and goes out on a limb and points out possible weaknesses in the story and characterizations.
  • Because of the most popular segment ‘Dude ‘F’ that guy’, Johnny explains how a fun segment leads to a new found bromance!
  • Rogue Won interactive listener The Dead Pool Rogue One game is announced! Everyone play along and tweet @roguewonpod who you feel will die in Rogue One and in what order!
  • Rogue Won Winner’s Circle of Email and more, much much more!
  • Get our new T Shirts and other swag at teepublic http://tee.pub/lic/y7H3jinhTcs

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