Episode 73: Colin Trevorrow is OUT AND The Empire Magazine article breakdown!

September 7, 2017

On this episode of "Rogue Won: A Star Wars Podcast for Winners," Hawes and Johnny fear Kathleen Kennedy may fire them too!
· COLIN TREVORROW IS OUT- K.K. would fire Lucas if she could. Star Wars directors are playing out as if George R.R. MARTIN was writing it. - What is Gareth Edwards didn't accept help or made grievances-
· R. Johnson had no outline to follow. Full creative control-
Who is Luke now? Mark Hamil wanted to do the evil twin thing-Boba Fett Luke's mom? Leia telepathically contacts Luke to save Han in TFA?
· "Jedi all corrupted or killed" hint? More evil Jedi like Kylo?
· Trusty X-Wing in the water confirmed
· "Luke finds redemption in Rey" "Reluctantly agrees to train her" "NOT the training we are used to seeing" "Luke is not the teacher Rey was hoping for" "Luke has changed a lot"
· Being compared to ESB - "Characters will be challenged & it's not too Dark" it will have "fun and playfulness"
· "Canto Bight is the Monte Carlo (las vegas) of Star Wars. Criminals but high end rich scum flaunting their money driving yachts
· Writing Kylo is fun! Rey and Kylo on similar journeys- finding themselves. Who they are. Etc.
· SNOKE is like emperor. Won't learn much about him. But more than emperor in OT "where it serves the story"
· We will see the FO and Republic rebuild and find out the answer to the Skywalker questions about Luke
· HAMIL- if 7 crashes and burns it's not my fault. Had no heavy lifting. But now.... feels pressure
· R. Johnson is 'Zen' and is looking forward to seeing the good and bad reactions
· DJ 'Don't Join' and Admiral Holdo - Gay character?
· "Mentions passing it off to Trevarrow - would Rian be Colin's Jedi Master? He laughs and says no he just hopes he's not his Greedo" lol guess who ended up being greedo
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